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Welcome to Alberi Healing Arts!

First, a little history: In 2012, I opened my business as Silver Rain Massage. I picked the name because "silver rain" was some imagery I thought was pretty when I was choosing an email address many years ago when I lived in a place that almost never rained - Phoenix, Arizona. I carried the name for my massage business too when starting in Oregon where rain creates fairytale mossy magical landscapes - a look I very much wanted in my massage studio as well.

I never quite knew how to make that logo showing "silver rain" but I did manage to plop a raindrop over that "I" in Rain. Eventually of course I incorporated a bird into it, first a crow, then a jay as I became a Jae. But after 9 years, like a cat of 9 lives, it's time to grow further and say goodbye completely to the name Silver Rain Massage. Goodbye Silver Rain!

And please welcome Alberi Healing Arts!

Alberi is not only my last name, but it's the Italian word for Trees. For the sprouting antlers in the logo, I used one of my very favorite trees – the madrone, which is not only native in Oregon, but is also a gorgeous and complex tree in all of its color, texture and graceful powerful movement in the winding shapes of the branches. It also blooms little white flower clusters that turn into big red berries. It's also known as the strawberry tree. Symbolically, the madrone signifies knowledge, protection and safety. From the 'shamanic connection' website, “It is a tree of depth and integrity. Magically, madrone is used for making wands for protection and removing negative energies.”

I wanted to bring more meaning into who I am and what I offer, and Alberi Healing Arts better shows this innate kinship I have with nature. I'm fascinated and inspired by biomimicry, which is the practice of using nature's intelligence in design. I want to create a massage environment interconnected with our natural world as much as possible. As always and more than ever, my goal is the bring the artistry and intelligence of nature to healing.

In this new logo, you may have also noticed there's still a bird, but in addition there's also a deer (hard to miss, I know!). This other version (for most practical uses) just includes the antlers.

The deer has always been one of my spirit animals. Artemis, the Greek Goddess of the Moon, the Wilderness, “The Mistress of Animals” has always been my 'spirit goddess'. When I later learned that she was often depicted traveling with a deer, I knew I had to put this symbolism together someday. After designing the logo, I learned she also has healing powers! Synchronicity synchrodestiny archetype symbology. Thank you Artemis.

Today, July 23rd, 2021 during the Buck full moon, while around the world fresh antlers are sprouting on deer, I give you my sincere offering of Alberi Healing Arts, renewing my vows to give quality care guided by experience, compassion, and the intuitive intelligence and artistry of nature.

Ci vediamo negli alberi

(See you in the trees!),


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