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Fire Cupping


Cupping is the Ancient art of using cups to create suction on the skin. It may be one of the oldest forms of healing therapy. There is evidence of it all over the world including Asia, Africa and South America dating as far back as 1550 BCE where it was documented on papyrus in Egypt. A glyph of a cup was used to represent a physician. 


I use the traditional fire cupping method most associated with China. As a cup is placed on the flame, oxygen is removed extinguishing the flame, creating the suction effect. This suction pulls blood to the area, increasing circulation and pulling the muscles outward. While many therapists use plastic and silicone cups, I prefer this traditional method using glass cups because they are the smoothest to glide and pull along the body giving what is like a deep-tissue massage in reverse.

Add up to 6 cups to any massage - $15

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